Gran Gala Italian Liqueur

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Gran Gala, the premium Italian Triple Orange Liqueur, wanted to create a brand presence that engaged and excited patrons nationally. The program needed to encourage trials by showing patrons the world of drinks Gran Gala creates!

Our Involvement:
Live Project
Retail Sales Promotion
Gran Gala Italian Liqueur

On-Premise Sales Portion Programs

We created a fresh and engaging premium look, with fun bar and table top drink selectors that give Bar Tenders and Patrons a "Gran Tour" of the world of drinks that are best made with Gran gala.

We shot a library of drinks and designed recipe books as well as drink selectors to encourage drink trial.

Table tent Promotion

Crazy 8 ball drink Selector - table and bar top game

Patrons can shake the Gran Gala Orange drink selector and be given drink names to order and enjoy!

Flavor Wheel

A flavor pairing wheel designed to engage the guest and suggest new Gran Gala drinks they may have never tried before.

Bartenders recipe book

A Gran Gala recipe book taking Bartenders on a Gran Tour of the world of Gran Gala drinks.


We created promotional windows in orer to drive sales and educate the shopper about the many occasions Gran Gala makes better with fresh and exciting drink recipes.

Seasonal Sales promotion Program in grocery and liqueur stores nation wide

Sell in Materials

The Gran Tour promotion extended to the sales force sell in tools, in order to help sales people make a big impression and tell the Gran Gala while they are presenting to buyers and after they leave.

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